Direct Ceiling Mounted |
1200CB Custom Bends
1200CB Track

AR Nelson's direct ceiling mounted cubicle curtain track is available with custom radius bends. Each piece of our 1200CB is custom made to meet your specifications, giving you design freedom without the constraints of standard cubicle track shapes.  

Curved track of virtually any radius

Applications include: 

  • Curved track of virtually any radius
  • Applications include:
  • -Door swings in private rooms
  • -Curved soffits
  • -Following windows and walls
  • Dual-channel, anodized aluminum curtain track
  • Low Profile: 1-3/8"w x 3/4"h
  • Available in satin anodized or white powder coat finish
  •  Mounting details: PDF - CAD
  • Track Assembly Details: PDF
  • Installation Instructions - 1200CB: PDF



 Door Swing 



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